Wednesday, September 13, 2017

IAPS Releases Dedicated IPv4 Verizon Proxies

This notice is to let the world know that IAPS has begun releasing Dedicated Verizon IPv4 Residential Proxies. This is based on the http/s protocol. – How VPN “Review Sites” Sell Rankings

Today’s article will focus on VPN Review sites, more specifically and the myriad of clone sites they run.

VPN review sites have only one purpose: referring their site users to the highest paying affiliate program vpn companies. You didn’t really think vpn review sites were honest and giving real-life reviews did you? Of course not.

VPN review sites generate their cash flow by signing up for every vpn providers affiliate program, determining which of them have the highest paying affiliate programs, and then referring their users to the highest paying affiliate providers vpn services.

Are the reviews based on actual long-term usage of any vpn provider? Of course not. Can they independently verify the no-logs policy of the providers they “rank” as the best? Of course not. They only cluck and crow what the vpn provider has told them to say. And as long as the vpn provider has a top-paying affiliate program, they do as they are told.

Sites like are all about making money for their owners, regardless of what vpn companies are ranked, as long as they have great paying affiliate programs. Recently we’ve seen hide the affiliate url inside of cleverly disguised website coding. But it doesn’t fool the experienced eye.

What does not disclose however, is that its owner, Wajdan Gul, is a Pakistani national, and not the American writer he purports to be. This is evident in most of the articles that he writes, as the experienced eye can spot a non-native english writer a thousand yards away.

So let me close and ask you this: are you comfortable taking security and vpn advice from a website that sells “review” services to the highest paying vpn companies and pushes various vpn companies for profit instead of providing an “honest” review? I’ll let you ponder on this topic for a while.

Verizon IPv6 for Facebook Farmers & Google Adwords

Today’s post will focus on Facebook Ad-Ready and Google Adwords Verizon IPv6 operations.

For those farmers out there desperately needing ip addresses to continue their farming operations, whether its Facebook Ad-Ready accounts or Google Adwords accounts, Verizon IPv6’s are to the rescue.

With our recently re-vamped packages, we are now issuing complete Verizon IPv6 /64 (18,446,744,073,709,551,616) usable ipv6 ip addresses.

 No longer will you have to be a slave to a data center. No longer will you have to worry about accounts getting caught for data center ip addresses. Also gone are the days of running out of ip addresses. All of this is fixed entirely with the mass deployment of Verizon IPv6 packages.

Each client will be entitled to their very own Verizon /64 ipv6 ip range. There is no sharing between clients, so each range is specifically dedicated to just one client and his/her operations.

If you are a large account farmer, and you sell entire accounts and virtual machines in the same package, this is very convenient for you as the dedicated ipv6 address can travel with the virtual machine at the time you sell your accounts.

Unblock The Netflix Proxy Block

Would you like to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch Netflix? That probably means you know about the benefits of unblocking Netflix outside the US! However, as you’ve likely heard, the majority of VPNs result in a proxy error message (in other words they can’t unblock Netflix).

Netflix Proxy Error – Fix Proxy Blocks

Not so long ago, people used to unblock US Netflix using proxy sites. However, that’s no longer possible because Netflix now has a successful proxy blocker.

Attempting to do so now results in the error code m7111-1331-5059 and the following not-so-helpful message:

“Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

For this reason, while a Netflix proxy (DNS proxy) used to be an excellent way to unblock Netflix, that is no longer the case.

Despite all this, IAPS Security Services, Ltd. has deployed networks from Comcast Cable, Verizon, and AT&T to ensure that we can continue to deliver on content our users need and want, without exception!

IAPS Releases new Verizon & AT&T Wireless RDP's and VPN's

On September 13, 2017, IAPS Security Services, Ltd. has deployed a massive amount of brand new Verizon and AT&T Wireless VPN’s and Remote Desktop services.

Verizon Speed Test
Verizon Speed Test

AT&T Speed Test
AT&T Speed Test

As you can see, both new networks are power-packed with speed, resources, and enough bandwidth to power nearly anything you can dream up.
Virtual Private Servers will also be added and made available starting today.

IAPS Releases Dedicated IPv4 Verizon Proxies

This notice is to let the world know that IAPS has begun releasing Dedicated Verizon IPv4 Residential Proxies . This is based on the http/s...